CrunchBase Graph Notes

CrunchBase Graph Notes

Venture investors are raising the stakes, choosing to ignore warnings that the good times won’t last forever and betting bigger than ever in a slew of massive early-stage venture rounds this week.

Mystery company Magic Leap raised over half a billion on Tuesday in the largest Series B round on record, followed by Koudai’s second-largest Series C round to date announced on Thursday.

With help from Mirantis‘ and Tokopedia’s $100M rounds announced on Wednesday, startups have collectively raised over $2 billion in venture funding in the past 5 days to capture the third highest weekly investment total this year.

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CrunchBase Graph Notes

CrunchBase Graph Notes

TechCrunch Disrupt Europe came to a close in London on Tuesday as big data storage startup Crate stole the show and went home with the Disrupt Cup.

Crate will join the ranks of Battlefield startups who have collectively gone on to raise nearly $1 billion in follow-on funding after taking the stage.

SV Angel, CrunchFund and 500 Startups have proven to be the most eager to back Battlefield survivors so far, leading or participating in follow-on investments for 9 contestants each. Greylock follows closely behind with another 8 Battlefield startups in its portfolio.

Disrupt London’s 14 Battlefield contestants should not be too disappointed to go home without a trophy and a check – winning the pitch-off appears to have little impact on investor interest or future success.

Battlefield winners, runner-ups, and finalists combined have raised $180 million in 26 follow-on rounds since the first Disrupt NYC in 2010, while all other participants have racked up a total of $629 million in 145 follow-on fundings.

And despite walking away from Disrupt NY 2013 empty-handed, former Battlefield participant Zenefits has gone on to raise the most venture money out of the group – a total of nearly $84 million within one year.

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Startup Calendar for October 21st

Five events are featured in this week’s Startup Calendar:

And eleven accelerator programs are currently accepting applications:

To take part in this program as an organization that hosts startup events, visit the Startup Calendar page for guidelines and send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!

Venture Investors Get Fashion Fever As Early Stage Deals Soar

Venture Investors Get Fashion Fever As Early Stage Deals Soar

Editor’s Note: This is a repost of a TechCrunch article by Christine Magee.

There’s a brand new dance in venture capital, as investors have gone fashion-mad.

After watching JustFab and Gilt Groupe explode into billion dollar companies while Warby Parker raised over $100 million to sell stylish eyeglasses, investors are eager to discover the next big hit.

Venture investors have spent nearly $800 million in fashion-related deals so far this year, over half of which are seed stage fundings for young startups.

2014 investment totals are on pace to beat last year’s $900 million, with Q2 of this year seeing a record high of over $300 million in venture deals tracked.

High fashion e-commerce giants like JustFab and Gilt Groupe in the U.S., Zalora in Asia, Russia’s Lamoda and Brazilian Dafiti are all fashion marketplaces that have racked up some of the highest totals for venture investments in the fashion space.

But recently a new generation of vertically-integrated, venture-backed brands have emerged, and investors seem to have no trouble keeping up with the latest trends.

Buck Mason, Frank & Oak, Jack Erwin and Mizzen+Main (which sound more like independent whiskey labels than tech startups) are just a handful of menswear brands that raked in venture dollars last quarter.

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Announcing CrunchBase Events

Announcing CrunchBase Events

Just six months ago, we launched CrunchBase 2.0. Since then, we’ve been refining the product in response to community feedback and launching new features like Graph InsightsFollow and the Investor Leaderboard.

Today, we’re announcing the what we think is the greatest feature to-date — CrunchBase Events.

CrunchBase Events is a global calendar for the technology community. The product grew out of conversations with event organizers and the community, both of whom were looking for a single central tool for promotion and discovery — a so-called “One Calendar to Rule Them All”.

Why CrunchBase?

What makes Events on CrunchBase so special? We’re not a ticketing service, event organizer, or promoter; there are fantastic businesses built to address those needs. Further, creating a list of events isn’t terribly special. Arguably, anyone could do that.

CrunchBase is all about The Business Graph, and events are a critical piece of the timeline of business. CrunchBase Events is far more than a calendar. Certainly, each Event includes the details of when, where, and how to attend.

Screenshot 2014-10-20 11.57.17
More importantly, however, it captures the relationships between that Event and its participants (speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and awardees). Each Event extends and strengthens the connections amongst People and Companies in the Graph.

Screenshot 2014-10-20 11.59.14

Events in The Business Graph

Because Events become a Node in the Business Graph, past Events are as important as future. Users navigating CrunchBase will find Profiles enriched with both past and future Event Appearances. Interested in a particular Entrepreneur or Venture Capitalist? CrunchBase can surface when and where they will be speaking next. Want to know who won TechCrunch Disrupt Europe 2014’s Battlefield? Only The Business Graph is specifically designed to answer this with ease.
Screenshot 2014-10-20 12.00.47

The Definitive Events Calendar

The CrunchBase Events calendar alone is an immensely valuable tool for event promotion and discovery. Coupled with the intelligence of The Business Graph, we believe that CrunchBase Events can become the definitive record of what will (and has) happened in our industry.

Check it out and let us know what you think. As always, we’re listening. Are you an event organizer? Drop us a line at to learn more.

CrunchBase Daily Featured Fundings

CrunchBase Daily Featured Fundings

Osmo, an iPad-powered gaming device startup out of Palo Alto, has raised $12 million in a Series A round led by Accel Partners with participation from Upfront Ventures and K9 Ventures. Osmo has created a gaming kit for children that includes a camera along with physical gaming pieces to combine real-world play and virtual gaming. Founded in 2013, Osmo has shipped its first product to over 2,000 schools and will use the new cash to expand operations and explore additional platforms for its games.

Metail, a virtual fitting room startup based in London, has raised $12 million in new funding led by TAL Apparel of Hong Kong-based TAL Group with participation from existing investor John Gleasure. Metail provides virtual fitting room technology to major clothing retailers so that customers can try on clothes online. Founded in 2008, Metail has raised $20 million to date and will use the latest funding to focus on mobile and expand overseas presence across South America, Asia and Europe.

Mailcloud, an email and messaging startup headquartered in London, has raised $1.8 million in new seed funding led by Octopus Ventures with participation from Bessemer Venture Partners, Kima Ventures, Seedcamp, and a handful of angel investors. Mailcloud provides a platform for users to organize email history, shared files and content into personal folders so teams can easily communicate across all devices. Founded late last year but still under wraps, Mailcloud has raised a total of $2.8 million to date and plans to go live on iOS and Android next month.

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