CrunchBase Daily Featured Fundings

CrunchBase Daily Featured Fundings

Docker, an open platform for distributed applications with headquarters in San Francisco, has raised $40 million in a Series C round led by Sequoia Capital with participation fromBenchmark, Greylock Partners, Insight Ventures, Trinity Ventures, and Jerry Yang. Docker is an open-source engine that builds self-sufficient containers to help developers build, run, and ship distributed applications. Founded in 2010, Docker has raised $65 million to date and does not plan to touch the new funding until late next year.

Fastly, a content delivery network (CDN) based in San Francisco, has raised a $40 million Series C round led by August Capital with participation from previous investors Battery Ventures, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures and Amplify Partners along with new investor IDG Ventures. Fastly is a CDN with a strong presence in the U.S. and Europe, powering high-profile sites such as Twitter, the Guardian, and Pinterest. Founded in 2011, Fastly has raised $54 million to date and will use the latest cash to ramp up hiring and grow its presence worldwide.

Sidecar, the ride-sharing startup headquartered in San Francisco, has raised $15 million in new funding from existing investors Avalon Ventures and Union Square Ventures with participation from new investor Sir Richard Branson. Sidecar connects drivers with spare seats with paying passengers via mobile app, recently launching Shared Rides to let nearby users split rides and costs. Founded in 2012, Sidecar has raised over $35 million to date and will use the latest funds to expand its service locally and beyond.

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Product News: Re-introducing “Follow”

CrunchBase 1.0 allowed users to “Follow” Companies, yet the feature was very functionally limited; users could create a list of Companies but were not notified of any activity around those Companies.

Today, we’re launching Follow 2.0, which lets users monitor Organizations for new Funding Rounds, Acquisitions, IPOs, or Funds raised and receive real-time updates on their personalized homepage.

Today’s launch is just a start. We’ll be building on top of Follow over the coming months to expand how users can monitor (and be alerted to) real-time activity in the Business Graph.

Take it for a spin.

How it works:

  • To follow an organization, visit their profile page and click the “FOLLOW” button next to the name of the organization at the top of the page.


  • As you start following more organizations, your Follow feed on the homepage of CrunchBase will populate more content.


  • To manage the organizations you’re following, simply click on your user account image at the top right of any CrunchBase page.
  • Your user account page has been updated with a new “Settings” card.


  • Within the “Settings” card, you can select the “Manage Organizations you Follow” link where you will see a page of all the organizations you’re following with the ability unfollow any of them as you’d like.


  • Lastly, your Follow feed is always private.

Try it out and let us know what you think.

CrunchBase Weekly Market Momentum

CrunchBase Weekly Market Momentum

September venture investments are starting to reverse a summer slowdown trend as we near the end of Q3. Over the last ten years, September is the fourth most active month for startup funding, so the sudden uptick in total rounds was perhaps to be expected. In the last week, 124 startups were funded globally, totalling over $1.1B.

Advertising startups tallied the largest increase from the prior week, with eight venture rounds compared to just three from the prior week. All eight rounds for the week were recorded within the U.S. xAd, from the Big Advertising Apple, scored one of the largest funding rounds of the week with a $50M Series D led by Institutional Venture Partners with participation from existing investors Softbank Capital and Emergence Capital Partners, along with Silicon Valley Bank. Although every advertising round during the week went to a US-based company, they were all based outside Silicon Valley.

Skyword ($11M) and Neon Mobile ($100k) from Boston, Flocasts ($8M) of Austin, Netsertive ($3M) of Morrisville, Talk Local ($2.6M) of College Park, Clarivoy  ($800k) of Columbus and Deehubs ($17k) of Seattle rounded out the $75M+ raised for advertising startups during the week.

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CrunchBase Venture Program Hits 1,000 Members

The CrunchBase Venture Program now includes over 1,000 venture firms, incubators, and accelerators.  Together these firms have backed 14,000 companies through 21,000 funding rounds totaling $170 billion in investment.  The phenomenal growth of the venture program and the volume of data pouring into CrunchBase every day is a resounding affirmation in our belief that there needs to be one universal database tracking entrepreneurial activity.

We are particularly excited to see growth in our international coverage.  Already, over 30% of the venture program members are outside the United States and we continue to be focused on growing our coverage around the world.

If you are an investment firm that is not already part of the CrunchBase Venture Program, please consider joining.  The program is free to join and helps everyone in the startup community.

Announcing the CrunchBase Investor Leaderboard

At the end of each quarter, a ritual plays out in the startup community. Services that analyze private companies scramble to gather up funding data from the preceding months, key it into their systems, and write reports comparing the performance of investors. The reports circulate for a few days but quickly become stale; the information is outdated as soon as it’s published.  The community is then left waiting three months for the cycle to repeat.

We can solve this problem.

Today we’re launching the CrunchBase Investor Leaderboard, rankings of top investors by funding stage, geography, and time frame. Because these lists are driven by data in the Business Graph, they are always up-to-date, as investors, entrepreneurs, and the community add to the Graph thousands of times per day.  Just today, we announced that our CrunchBase Venture Program now includes over 1,000 investment firms.  These firms constantly feed investment data into the Business Graph, giving CrunchBase the most up-to-date picture of the technology investment landscape and enabling us to share this perspective with you.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 5.04.39 PM

Whether it’s top seed investors in the United States, or early stage venture investors in Europe, you’ll find up to 100 ranked investors. Within each list, you can drill down into the investments of the ranked investors and/or re-order the list by the number of exits.  As always, please let us know what you think (through email or @crunchbase) and stay tuned. We’re working hard to make CrunchBase the most relevant and useful private company resource available.

CrunchBase Top August Acquisitions

CrunchBase Top August Acquisitions

Similar to venture investments, M&A activity slowed in August with lower average acquisition prices and far fewer deals. Despite high-profile exits for Twitch and Tim Hortons, total acquisitions dropped nearly 15% from July.

According to CrunchBase data, companies spent over $52B acquiring 65 companies. This figure doesn’t include the 120+ acquisitions with undisclosed amounts, and is notably less than July’s $167B through 100 acquisitions, with similar undisclosed numbers.

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CrunchBase Monthly Export – August Edition

CrunchBase Monthly Export – August Edition

The August CrunchBase Monthly is now out! During the August ‘summer break’, 2.4k investment rounds were added to the database, totalling $3.7 billion. The CrunchBase community also added 19.5k new profiles.  With a month left in Q3 2014, angel and seed rounds are only half of what they were in Q3 2013.

Highlights of the August 2014 Export include:

  • Acquisition of (formerly by Amazon for $970 million cash
  • The lead investor was 500 startups investing in 29 startups; Sequoia Capital came in second with 13 rounds
  • The SF Bay Area received $16.9 million in 149 rounds out of 551 rounds in the US this month
  • There were 922 seed rounds, the 3rd highest month of the year trailing May with 1,426 seed rounds, and March at 1,383

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